Lucky Suites Rethymno

The boutique Lucky Suites is located in a quiet side street in the suburbs of Rethymnon, 1,2km outside of the town, just a few meters from the lively main beach of the City.
There is partial sea view from the Suites’ balconies.

You can walk to the Historic Center of Rethymno in a matter of minutes, following the picturesque beach road.

The airport of Heraklion is 75 km away from Lucky Suites Rethymno, while Chania airport is 60km away.
One can reach the property via bus, taxi or rental car.

Being in the middle of the island’s north coast, Lucky Suites’ positioning makes it quite a practical place to stay for anyone interested in exploring the island, with a leased car or excursions alike, due to its even distances to all of the interesting sights, such as Knossos, the pinky coloured sand on the far-west side, such as Elafonissi and Gramvoussa, or the well-known to hikers for its typical Cretan form, Gorge of Samaria.

How to get to Rethymno: Rethymno is easily accessible by car or motorbike, or by a bus or even a taxi/privately arranged tranfer.


Heraklion: 74 km
Heraklion Airport: 78 km
Chania: 56 km
Chania Airport: 63 km

Things to do in Rethymno City

Fortezza Fortress

The Fortezza Fortress is one of the most famous buildings in Rethymnon. It was built by the Venetians in order to protect the city from the pirates and the Turks and has played an important role in the history of Rethymnon. Today the outer fortifications of the Fortrezza are preserved intact and some buildings are still being restored, enabling guests to travel back to the Venetian times. The view from the top of the Fortezza Fortress is magnificent, especially during the night.

Rethymnon Old town

Rethymnon Old town is one of the most well preserved towns of the Renaissance. Right in the heart of Rethymnon it combines the oriental features of the Turkish period with the Venetian architecture. Despite the damages of the Second World War the Old Town of Rethymnon is still a living museum of monuments. Allow yourself to get lost in the small streets and explore the city. There are all sorts of shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and little charming aleys where you will be fascinated by their beauty.

Venetian Harbor of Rethymno

The Venetian harbor of Rethymnon was of great strategic importance during the Venetian period. Although it has undergone numerous reconstructions, the Venetian harbor can take you back the Venetian days. Visit the famous lighthouse. Gaze at the small fishing boats and enjoy your meal in one of the traditional taverns.

Venetian Loggia

The Venetian Loggia is an elegant building of the 16th century and was used as an elite gentlemen’s club. Today you can find there the local information office as well as a selling point of the tickets for the archaeological museum.

Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

The Archaeological Museum of Rethymnon is located near the Fortezza fortress and houses exhibits from the Neolothic to Roman period that were found in the land of Rethymnon.

The main beach of Rethymno Town

The main beach of Rethymno Town is long and sandy. It is located within a 100m walking distance from Lucky Suites.
Some parts of it are organized with umbrellas, and loungers, as well as food service on the beach.
You can also lock your personal belongings on the beach and enjoy your meal in one of the many restaurants on the beach road of Rethymno

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